How to Choose an Eyelash Extension Curler

Beautiful lash extensions will be sustained by the use of the right tool, one of them being an eyelash curler. Below are important tips that will act as a guide when buying a lash extension curler:

  • The comfort of use: The lash extension curler should be easy to use with a handle that has a firm grip.
  • Shape of your eyes: the curler should be shaped in the same way as your eyes. It should easily follow the natural curve of the eye and be able to reach the innermost and outermost parts of the lash line.
  • Length of the lashes: Choose a lash extension curler that will work well with the length of your curls. If the lashes are short, look for a lash curler that will enable you to get as close to the lid as possible for great results.
  • Heated curler: Heated eyelash extension curlers will produce better curls without burning your eyes or your lashes. This will also make the lashes form faster than when you use other curlers. They are bigger though and not everyone likes them.
  • Materials used in making the curlers: You can choose whether to buy a metallic or a plastic curler depending on your taste. If you apply lash extensions often, you will need a metal curler as it will last longer. If the lashes are applied only on rare occasions, you may buy a plastic lash curler.
  • Cost: You should buy an eyelash curler that will not put too much strain on your budget. You should be able to comfortably pay for it. The curler should also not break easily to avoid incurring extra cost within a short time of using it.

The following are ways to ensure that you get best results with lash extensions curlers:

  • Keep them clean always: You should clean the lash curler using alcohol and cotton pads at least once every week. This will get rid of the makeup on the lashes or even bacteria.
  • Replace the pads on the lash curlers after a few months of use; if this is not done, the pads will wear out and the protection they were providing against the metallic part of the lashes will be no more.
  • Do not use cheap curlers on your lashes to avoid damaging the lash extensions. Go for a good quality lash curler for best results.
  • Do not clamp the lash extension too hard when curling the lashes; doing this will damage the lashes and make them lose their appeal. Buying a good quality lash curler will ensure that you get great results without putting too much pressure.
  • When using the lash curler, curl from the base of the lashes for best results; do not curl from the upper side as this will damage the lash extensions.
  • Take your time with the lash curler for best results; rushing will only lead to the damage of the lash extensions as they will not be fully disentangled.

Eyelash extensions will only look good when they are clean and well maintained. You should, therefore, ensure that this is done before using an eyelash curler on them.

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