Benefits of Post-pregnancy Massage

The following are the benefits of having a post-pregnancy massage:

  • Helps in hormonal regulation: when a pregnant mother gives birth, he goes through a lot of anxiety and her body undergoes a lot of changes, some of which are brought about by hormonal changes. When a pregnant mother is massaged in addition to being given moral support, it will aid in getting rid of the hormonal imbalances, making her feel better.
  • It helps in the reduction of excess water and weight: After the pregnancy, a woman may have a huge increase in body weight and water retentions. When she is massaged, water levels will go back to normal and it will also boost the reduction of excessive weight.
  • It will ensure that the woman sleeps better: A massage after giving birth will make the woman more relaxed and she will be able to sleep better.
  • Enhanced breastfeeding: A massage carried out on a woman after giving birth will lead to the production of prolactin, a hormone associated with the production of breast milk. It will also make the new mother relax and be in a better position to take care of her child.
  • Pain relief: After birth, a woman may still feel some pains as a result of the childbirth which will be taken care or during a post-pregnancy massage. Endorphins will be released which will act on the pain, and the woman will not need to take a pain-relieving tablet.
  • A massage after childbirth will aid in restoring the shape the woman had before the pregnancy; though this may not be completely possible, it will enhance the shape as the excess fat will be gotten rid of.
  • Stress relief: A post-pregnancy massage will lead to the lowering of the stress hormones and also help in getting rid of muscle tension. The new mother will feel good and the happiness will help her to overcome post-natal stress.
  • Speeds up recovery after a c-section: A woman who has given birth through a c-section will recover faster if the stomach tissues are gently massaged. This will make her more dependent and she will be more at ease to take care of her baby.
  • It reduces the appearance of stretch marks: Massaging the scar tissues will ensure that the injured skin is smoothened, softer, and supple. It will also enhance the circulation of blood and oxygen which will also make the stretch marks less visible.

A post-pregnancy massage should be carried out by a professional massage therapist as the body of the woman is still very sensitive after childbirth. If the woman gave birth via a c-section, the wound should be allowed a duration of at least two weeks to heal.

The doctor should be able to certify that you are well enough to go through a massage especially if you gave birth through a c-section. This will avoid opening up of a wound that is not healed or alleviating the level of pain as a result of the wound. If all precautions are observed, you will be a happier mother and you will be able to take care of the child much better.

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